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RODE Upgrades a Classic and Launches the NT-USB+ Microphone

Christopher Coke Posted:
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RODE announced its latest microphone today, upgrading one of its most classic entries for PC content creation, the NT-USB. The new microphone is dubbed the NT-USB+ and takes the design of the original to a new level. Complete with an upgraded condenser microphone capsule, the company’s fresh and outstanding revolution preamp, and an internal digital signal processor (DSP) for broadcast quality vocal FX, it’s a premier option for content creators that crave the portability and easy setup of USB. 

The original NT-USB had a lot going for it, which is exactly why it became one of the go-to options for content creators in the know. The NT-USB carries through everything that made that microphone great: a detail-rich condenser capsule with a tight cardioid pattern, onboard headphone and microphone mix controls, and a robust build designed to last for years. What’s more, thanks to its native USB Type-C connectivity, it offers plug-and-play recording with Android and iOS devices in addition to Mac and PC.

The NT-USB+ takes that up a notch. The design has been refreshed with an electric blue color behind the grille and ultra-quiet recording thanks to the revolution preamp system. The mic’s analog-to-digital processor encodes audio up to 24-bit, 48kHz to ensure you’ll hear every detail in your recording exactly as you intend. The capsule is the real star of the show, however, offering enough richness for broadcast-quality vocals and the crisp, natural airiness required for instruments for bedroom musicians and music streamers. 

The NT-USB+ is also designed to work with RODE’s RODE Central app to take your streams and podcasts to the next level. The mic’s built-in DSP allows you to take effect of classic studio effects. You can block out surrounding noise with the noise gate and keep your levels consistent with the compressor or give presence and crispness to your voice with the Big Bottom or Aural Exciter APHEX effects. 

The NT-USB was due for an upgrade and this revision is nothing short of exciting. Not only does it refresh the microphone itself but it adds utility and features with its RODE Central integration. The ability to tailor the microphone to your voice, whether lean or already rich, lends it a versatility most other microphones leave you turning to third-party software or hardware to accomplish. 

The NT-USB+ is available for $169 at RODE.com.


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