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Rockstar To Contribute 5% Revenue of Online Games to COVID-19

Plus New Red Dead Online details

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Showdown mode variation and more await you in Red Dead Online this week, plus, Rockstar issues a statement on COVID-19.

Here’s what’s new in Red Dead Online. A new variation of the Showdown Mode, Name Your Weapon, featuring new weapon loadouts and point values are on offer. Select Limited-Time Clothing has returned to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue, including: The Gator Hat, Squat Stovepipe Top Hat, and more,

All Bounties are now paying 50% more RDO$, including Legendary Bounties. Collectors are getting a 100% bonus on Role XP in: The Condor Egg and Salvage Collector Free Roam Events, plus on the sale of any full set of Collectibles.

New Bounty Hunter and Collector discounts include: 5 Gold Bars off either the Collector’s Bag or the Bounty Hunter License, plus 80% off Collector Maps, 70% off Criollo and Breton horses, 50% off Collector and Bounty Hunter clothing, and 40% off the Bounty Wagon

Additionally, Rockstar issued the following statement on their contribution to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,

“Starting April 1st and continuing through the end of May, 5% of our revenue from purchases in our online games, GTA Online and Red Dead Online, will be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts. These funds will be used to help local communities and businesses struggling with the impacts of COVID-19, both directly and by supporting some of the amazing organizations who are on the ground helping those affected by this crisis. As things progress, we will share more on these efforts.”


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