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Rockstar Sets December 5th As The Day Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Break The Internet With Its First Trailer

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Rockstar Games has designated December 5th as the day it'll break the internet with the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto game.

We have known for a couple of weeks now that we would be seeing something about the next Grand Theft Auto (often called Grand Theft Auto 6 despite Rockstar never actually confirming this) in December, we didn't know exactly when. Some speculated (myself included) that we'd see it during The Game Awards, which takes place on December 7th, but Rockstar has instead revealed that we'll get a glimpse a little earlier.

In a post on its social media today (as well as a bespoke landing page on their website), Rockstar simply stated that the first trailer would premiere on December 5th at 9 AM Eastern time (that's a bright and early 6 AM for us on the West Coast). An image with a colorful, if not Vice City-esque sunset background with a few palm trees gives theory crafters something to work on till the reveal (Reddit is already starting that work, confirming birds in the game). 

It's been a long time since a Grand Theft Auto game was revealed. The most recent release in the franchise, Grand Theft Auto V is playable on three console generations in that time frame, while Rockstar has also launched Red Dead Redemption 2 since then. Grand Theft Auto Online has also seen record profits for parent company Take-Two Interactive, with the online mode also celebrating 10 years back in October.

What the next Grand Theft Auto will look like will be answered at least in part next week. As to when we'll actually get to play it, it's anyone's guess.


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