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Rockstar is Launching Membership Service For GTA Online On Console

Introducing GTA+

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The online component of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V is getting a premium membership service on consoles. Called GTA+, the membership provides what the company calls "easy access" to valuable items, such as in-game cash, properties, and more.

While the membership won't be required to enjoy GTA Online, the fee does seem aimed at new players looking to take part in the chaotic shenanigans of online Los Santos. The membership will give players an in-game cash infusion every month to the tune of GTA$500K, which could go a long way in helping a new player catch up. However, not everything is explicitly tuned for new players, as Rockstar would undoubtedly like to see existing GTA Online players sub up.

Additionally, the membership will offer discounts and bonuses only available with an active subscription. It also looks like that sub will fluctuate what the actual monthly bonuses are, keeping it fresh each month for players looking to take advantage of the service. This month some of the perks include the infusion of cash, a supercar, the ability to upgrade your Yacht easily, RP bonuses, waived LS Car Meet fees, and more. 

These bonuses will rotate monthly, with the current period starting on March 29th and running through April 27th.

The service is launching for PlayStation and Xbox players on March 29th, and players of both console generations can sign up. The cost is $5.99 a month, and players can sign up through their console's store. While no word on a PC version of this has been mentioned, it would make sense to see this hit the Rockstar launcher on PC at some point in the future. You can check out the full post on the Rockstar Wire.


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