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Rockstar Breaks Down GTA V Features Coming To Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5 Next Week

Launching on March 15th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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If you've been waiting to dive into Grand Theft Auto V on your current-gen console, assuming you are lucky enough to have one, the wait is almost over. Rockstar took to their blog today to give more insight into what players can expect from the upgraded console experience.

As with most titles this generation, GTA V will launch with multiple gameplay modes for players to choose between. First up is the Fidelity Mode, which gives players a 4K resolution with a 30fps cap. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players also bring ray tracing to the experience. Series S players will see their game upscaled to 4K, but with no traced rays.

Performance mode targets 60fps, albeit using an upscaled 4K on the PS5 and Series X, while the S will be locked to 1080p. Finally, GTA V Is getting a Performance RT mode, which brings the best of both worlds from the two modes. Targeting 60fps, the two more powerful consoles will target 60fps using an upscaled 4K resolution with ray tracing.

Grand Theft Auto V on current consoles will also support a wide gamut of features, such as faster loading times, improved vegetation throughout San Andreas, improved shadows, water reflections, and much more. Additionally, if you're on PS5, you'll notice more feedback as it will support DualSense's Adaptive Triggers.

The online mode will be available as a separate download for GTA Online players and free for the first three months to any who claim it from the game store. Additionally, the new Career Builder feature will quickly get new players into the action, outfitting them with properties, vehicles, and a pretty hefty sum of $4 million GTA in-game bucks to fund their illicit activities.

Players will be able to transfer existing characters from their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One modes to the current consoles, keeping their progress across generations. The same will be true for Story Mode, meaning you won't lose progress simply by upgrading.

You can check out more on the Rockstar blog. In case you missed it last month, Rockstar confirmed what we all already really knew, that a new Grand Theft Auto was in the works. 


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