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Robocraft Updated with Leaderboards, Weapon Ranking & Much More

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest Robocraft update has been deployed that paves the way for Season 2 coming to players on March 28th. This update includes weapon ranking, leaderboards, weapon and movement balancing and much more.

Weapon Ranking provides players with "greater progression across all weapon types" that directly increases the damage output of all weapon types. Players fill an XP bar that, once complete, allows them to spend Robits to level it up through 10 increasingly strong levels and 30 different weapons.

Leaderboards will be determined based on both Player Rank and Weapon Rank. 

Weapons will now have their own individual matchmaking rating. This means that the more you use a weapon and win battles, the higher your weapon rank will increase. There will be 5 main ranks to progress through starting from Bronze and moving through Silver, Gold, Diamond and ultimately Protonium.

Check out the full update notes on the Robocraft site.


Suzie Ford

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