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Robocraft Royale to Launch into Steam Early Access on March 26th

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Freejam has announced that its take on the battle royale genre, Robocraft Royale, will be launching into Steam Early Access on March 26th. The game is, of course, based on the Robocraft IP, but is a standalone game that "innovates the battle royale genre by allowing players to battle in a 64km2 map with the best crazy characters from the 13M strong Robocraft community".

Players will be able create unique characters and use the game's "cube destruction system" to literally take their enemies apart by blasting off limbs and crippling their movements and attacks.

While a spaceship streaks across a huge map, players eject and control their descent to the surface. Upon landing, they burst out in their starter buggy and explore a landscape littered with hundreds of different character types that they must transfer into, learn and devise tactics for. Each character posesses bespoke weapon loadouts, abilities and may also walk, drive, hover and fly. Those who can master and be flexible with these different characters will survive the ever shrinking play area. By learning these strengths and weaknesses, even a mechanized chicken can emerge victorious.

Players who would like to take part in Early Access can do so for $19.99.

You can learn more on the Robocraft Royale Steam page or on its official site.


Suzie Ford

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