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Roberts Space Industries Shares Full Details on Star Citizen's New Medical Gameplay Features and Tools

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 Roberts Space Industries has gone into full details about the new medical gameplay features in Star Citizen update Alpha 3.15.

This update changes the game because it makes it possible to take on a healing role or a completely different type of approach.  The new medical system includes hospitals, medical drugs, and healing tools, and different types of injuries able to strike different body parts, ranging in severity. The deep dive guide shows the new drugs and medical tools that could set you or another team member up to save the day or possibly fall to injuries or side effects.

There's the nuclear life medical tool, which can apply any of the five drugs as well as scan other players and assess their injuries. This tool can detect what injuries are present and how bad they are. You will also get a recommendation on how to treat the injury and have to make a decision how you'll proceed.

When it comes to assessing injuries,  there are tier 3 injuries, which are minor and can be quickly healed. Tier 2 injuries are moderate injuries, and can only be stabilized on a tear to medical bed and fees will have way more noticeable effects on your character. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a tier-1 injury, these are severe and require tier-1 medical beds to  heal. 

All of the new injuries range in the effects they have on you. If the injury is to your chest, you'll have reduced stamina and you will wheeze. If you have a head injury, your vision will start to blur and you won't hear things as accurately. If your arms are injured, you won't be able to fire your weapons very accurately. The effects increase and pile on the worst her injuries are.

For the full run down see the Star Citizen site.


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