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Roadmap 2017 Published - Sets Goals for the Year

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The Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated with a roadmap for the balance of 2017. In it, the team speaks about its goals for the remainder of the year.

Several major areas are touched upon in the post:

Operations: "Delivering an Operatio is a fundamental change in our direction this year and our plan is to provide you with a new Boss encounter every few months."

PvP: "Our PvP community and the Combat team is hard at work building a plan for future balance changes. We will begine rolling out the changes with Game Update 5.3 in July and continue monthly updates."

Story & Companions: "We will continue moving the story forward after the events on Iokath. The next major story update is coming in August. [E]xpect to see more of (your old companions) returning throughout the year."

Quality of Life: "We will regularly look to offer more customization improvements such as adding Weapon Tuning enhancements to player collections."

Summer of SWTOR: More than a few things are planned for Summer 2017:

  • Nar Shaddaa Summer Game Update 5.2.2: June 13th
  • Sisters of Carnage Game Update 5.3: July
  • Crisis on Umbara Game Update 5.4: August

Lastly, the topic of player communication is addressed:

Starting this week and weekly thereafter throughout June and July, we are going to be posting on the forums to share specific features we’re thinking about and those already in-process. We want to get your input and talk through the pros and cons of each topic to see how you feel. We’ll set expectations for how we want to interact to keep our engagement productive, but if we all do this correctly, it’ll be a fun and rewarding experience.

Read the full details on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.


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