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Rising Flames Is This Week's Free Guild Wars 2 Living World Story Episode

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While End of Dragons, the upcoming expansion for Guild Wars 2, was delayed into 2022, it isn't stopping ArenaNet from handing out Living World story episodes to get players prepared. This week sees Rising Flames get the tab, as it'll be free between July 6th through July 11th.

End of Dragons was delayed last week from a late 2021 to a 2022 release, but players are still gearing up for the expansion and working through the existing narrative. Rising Flames is the next Living World story to be given to players for free. Originally launched back in September of 2016, Rising Flames sees players travel to the Ring of Fire Islands to deal with "growing threats."

"Legate Minister Caudecus has escaped, the ancient mursaat Lazarus the Dire has risen, and the Elder Dragon Primordus stirs under Tyria’s feet. Travel to the deadly Ring of Fire Islands and learn what you can leverage against the growing threats."

While the marquee announcement this week is the free Living World episode, this week's PvP Tournament has been detailed, with the different deathmatch matchups and Stronghold dates listed. Additionally, July 11th sees the Tournament of Legends kick off at 11 am Pacific time/2pm Eastern.

Last week Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons was delayed into 2022, citing "real-world challenges" as the main reason for pushing back the upcoming expansion release. End of Dragons takes players back to Cantha, and while the game itself might have been delayed, the upcoming livestream will still be taking place on July 27th for those interested in getting an early look at the upcoming story.


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