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Rise of Agon Patch Points to PvP Tweaks and Freemium Launch

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Patch notes for sandbox MMORPG Rise of Agon hint at changes to PvP and more.

Major changes in the latest patch include:

  • PvP Changes - Zones, Stances, Looting
  • Glyphs - Rework of Chaos Bindstones
  • Research System
  • New Resources for dyes
  • New Dye Crafting Skill
  • Armor Dyes Bone, Full plate, Infernal, and Dragon armor pieces can now be dyed with a primary and secondary color
  • Freemium Full Launch

Other features include repeatable tasks, a consumables bank tab, an option for closest respawn, and a ranged waypoint. Some other changes include the following:

  • Use Key Improvements
  • UI Improvements
  • Equipping / Unequipping gear at Bank now instant (while not in combat)
  • Get Naked will now remove clothes and jewelry
  • Dropped items now have new stats showing when looked at
  • Portal shards and runestones are available on Vendor again, 2k for portal shards and 5k for runestones.
  • Ink drop rates increased on some mobs and added extra to various loot tables.(Ink is used in schematics)

You can read the extensive patch notes here.


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