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Riot Talks Running+Shooting Accuracy in Valorant

Look for Patch 2.02

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a new Ask Valorant, Riot takes up a few of your questions, including one involving running and shooting.

The concern and question involves decreasing accuracy while running and shooting. Riot responded that they do indeed have some changes for Patch 2.02 which will address running and shooting with rifles. Here’s what they say,

“We have some changes planned for Patch 2.02 that should help address sentiment on running accuracy with rifles. Keep in mind, we're making sure not to change too many systems at once to ensure that shooting doesn't feel so dramatically different that you’ll have to relearn habits. As always, we'll keep an eye on the change and will continue to adjust as necessary.”

The Q&A also talk about how you could rank higher and faster with alternate accounts during the beginning of the act. However, it looks like people are stuck in lower ranks on main accounts. Riot has noticed this effect, and saying that it should be “optimal now for the highest ranked players to use their main account instead of their alternate,” because of reduced queue times.

While we wait for Patch 2.02, check out the notes for 2.01 and Episode 2.


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