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Riot Leader was 'Being Playful' with His 'Should We Build an MMO' Tweet

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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For all of us that have been breathlessly speculating about the possibility that Riot Games might be making an MMO, well, the joke's on us. Turns out that the Twitter post sent out by Riot Co-Founder Marc Merrill is something of a joke. North American Communications Director Justin Kranzl told Variety, "He was being playful around the release of this world map and wants to encourage our players to think of what Riot's long-term goals could look like."

Merrill's tweet read, "Should we build a[n] MMO?" From there the dreams of tens of thousands of players took flight.

Time to come back to earth, astronauts. 

It's too bad that we have to dampen our hopes going into the weekend if this is truly a "joke". But...maybe...could it be...possibly...perhaps...that it's just an attempt by Kranzl to throw we daring dreamers off the track? 

Only the Shadow knows...


Suzie Ford

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