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Riot - How We're Moving Forward to Change the 'Cultural DNA'

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The Riot Games site has been updated with an extensive post to address recent issues raised about the negative culture described in recent weeks by former and current employees of the company. The post begins with thanks and apologies to players, contractors, former employees and current staff before moving on to steps Riot will take to ensure a more inclusive future.

Steps include:

  • forming a "new team to lead our cultural evolution"
  • putting "everything on the table, including our core cultural tenets, like our manifesto" to reevaluate "the language of Riot...to ensure they mean the same thing to all of us".
  • engaging "two leading consultants on culture change to provide us with their expertise and recommendations as we rebuild Riot's culture".
  • "evaluating and improving our investigation process and systems
  • "accelerating our efforts to make our recruiting system more open"
  • "doubling down on trainings...including interview training and anti-harassment training"
  • "recruiting a new Chief Human Resources Officer...and Chief Diversity Officer"

For the past three weeks, we’ve been focused on listening and learning. As a company, we’re used to patching problems ASAP, but this patch will not happen overnight. We will weave this change into our cultural DNA and leave no room for sexism or misogyny. Inclusivity, diversity, respect, and equality are all non-negotiable. While there is much to improve, there is a tremendous amount of good at Riot that will drive this change. This is our top priority until we get it right.

Read the full post on the Riot corporate site.


Suzie Ford

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