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Riot Discusses How They'll Handle AFK/Throwers in Valorant

Plus blocking players

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Riot has released a new Ask Valorant featuring the community’s questions on blocking, AFKers, and more.

AFKers have been a thorn in the side of players (present company included) for some time. Riot sounds like they’re looking into ways to lessen this behavior and detect it,

“Second, we are working on better detection of this type of behavior that will lead to harsher punishment. We're looking into things like rank penalties, experience mitigations, longer queue time restrictions, and even bans if it comes down to it.”

They continued, explaining that they want to distinguish AFK from other disruptive behavior. They also touched on a question pertaining to block players so you don’t have to queue with them. Riot said there’s some nuances with the queue, but they’re thinking on it.

“We'll think on this a bit, but know that we are currently working on better detection of disruptive behaviors in hopes of being able to appropriately administer penalties and hopefully lessen the number of players you wouldn't want to play with to begin with.”

You can check out the full Q&A here.


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