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Riot Addresses Rank Rating Penalty for Queue Dodging

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Ask Valorant is here with Riot addressing questions and concerns around Rank Rating penalties for queue dodging and more.

First up, the rank rating penalty for queue dodging. The team recognizes that the penalty to rank rating could feel painful. They reiterate that these penalties apply to people who repeatedly queue dodge, and will have a minimal impact on those who only occasionally queue dodge. They note that more than 50% of queue dodgers are caused by under 2% of players, meaning the majority of players don’t dodge.

They state,

“All that said, we recognize that queue dodging is an important tool to avoid really painful situations (like toxic teammates). And even if most queue dodges are caused by a small group of people trying to manipulate their competitive experience, we don’t want to take that safety net away from you. That’s why our systems have high forgiveness for infrequent offenders.”

The post also touches on knife hit detection and if they’ll make the system more accurate. Riot notes that their current system is a meme. They also say that they do want to improve this, but other issues with weapon balance are taking priority.

Check out the full post here.


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