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Ring of Elysium Adventure Pass Season 8 is Here

New characters, events, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Adventure Pass Season 8 has now launched for Ring of Elysium.

Season 8 brings the new map Vera a compact area in a desert landscape located east of the Andes Mountains that is in the path of a radioactive sandstorm. You’ll be forced into close quarters and will have to act fast against their opponents and the threat of a radioactive natural disaster. New vehicles and characters are available for unlock as well.

Vehicles include the Viper SUV and Viper truck as well as the new mobility skill: the traversal motorbike. Six tactical abilities are also on hand, according to the press release,

“Players will be able to detect their enemies using the recon drone and biosignal detector. To give enemies the slip players will be able to use the stealth cloak and holographic decoy. When facing combat players can utilize the deployable shield to reduce oncoming damage and Medgun to restore health.”

New events are also added. For example, from now through June 18 players will be able to participate in the Citori weapon skin event. Updates to the Battle Buddy system as well as the leaderboard are also included as part of this latest update.


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