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Rift Team Has Plans for More Incremental Content Releases Over Big Expansions

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The Rift forum has a new post from the gamigo development team that lays out their plans for content releases going forward. In the past, the letter begins, players have had to wait up to two years for a large expansion. Going forward, however, the goal is for more incremental content releases. This includes dungeons, raids, quests and levels coming to players more quickly. This also means that class balancing, callings, souls, abilities and items will also roll out over time.

In the more immediate future, as in the next several months, players can look forward to:

  • Call to Action: Unicornalia,
  • Planar Fragment Price Changes
  • Seasonal Events such as Summerfest.
  • We also plan to continue running our Call to Action (CTA) events on a biweekly basis, currently scheduled to run up until Summerfest starts and resume after the seasonal event ends.
  • Reduced costs for the planar fragment system

The team is also putting a social media plan into place to attract new players for "organic growth". The community management team has grow to help meet the needs. Players can look forward to the eventual return of regular streams "and other actions to draw new players into the game". 

Check out the full letter on the Rift forum.


Suzie Ford

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