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RIFT Is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary This Week With QR-Code Powered Event

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RIFT players who noted that last week's 10th anniversary went by without much fanfare will be interested to see that the developers are marking the occassion this week with a gift-laden scavenger hunt.

RIFT is marking the 10th anniversary with an event that will send players all over the world of Telara, discovering new places and taking screenshots of your character performing the right emote. All of this will be powered through a special Birthday QR code, which is made from clues given by the MMO, which will in turn give you the places to go discover.

It's convoluted, but it's something.

RIFT players will then need to take a pic of their character in the place the clues sent you to, whilst performing the right emote and post it to the official forums to win a birthday gift pack. The event itself is limited to one character per account, meaning you can't repeat this with any alts to get more birthday packs - and the event prizes themselves are bound to the account itself. Even mailed event prizes cannot be transferred.

It's an interesting event, especially given the backdrop of all the concerns circiling about the 10-year old MMORPG, especially in the wake of last week's reported layoffs. The company refuted that the layoffs were as widespread as earlier reports indicated they might be, and asserted that RIFT is a game they will "continue working on", with no plans to shut it down as of right now. However, with Gamigo axing a few MMORPGs earlier this year, the layoffs and the fact the 10th anniversary went by originally without any real fanfare, players have a right to be concerned. Especially as the messaging coming from Gamigo doesn't really inspire any real confidence in the game's future.


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