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Rift Getting First Major Update in Years in 2022, New Details on Gamigo's Mystery MMO and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Third-quarter financial reports are out for MGI, which is the company that owns Gamigo and more recently acquired KingsIsle Entertainment, developers of Wizard101. In the future-looking details in the report are some hints for the future. Looks like Rift will get its first major update in years in Q1 2022, and there’s info on upcoming events, and Gamigo’s mystery MMO.

While we still don’t have an official description yet, there are some new details and clues regarding the mystery MMO that Gamigo has been promoting. We now know the general idea of what to expect thanks to the description of the mystery license. The game is described in the financial report as “an innovative open world sandbox MMORPG that already has a growing community“.

This license is for worldwide IP rights for PC and console, where the game is out in its origin territory/-ies for PC only. Initial clues have come under “A World Torn Apart”, which is now on the UncertainFolder site hosting the clues so far.. With the first several mystery chapters all about a mother facing tough choices, tragedy, unknown powers, and a world of demons, lore, gods, there have been hints of more to come. According to the report, it is MGI’s largest licensing deal to date. The intent to bring it to console as well is another development previously unknown.

When it comes to Rift, the game has been stuck in limbo since its last major content update in late 2017. Many probably forgot about the game even still running since the flurry of acquisitions and changes over the years for the company. Yet, here we are, with Rift getting new content. With zero information as to type or scale of the update, it seems we’ll have to wait and see if it brings anyone back.

For more, you can see the official report over on MGI.



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