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Rift Getting a New Update This Month, With More to Come, Including Reset Battlepass and 11th Anniversary

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 It was surprising when, in a financial report late last year, Gamigo mentioned that there would be content update coming to Rift this year. Earlier this year, there was another comment about a "great update” coming in Q1. The first quarter closed without a new update, but Gamigo has an update, and it’s a good one.

The Rift team wanted to share that there is an update coming. While the update didn't make Q1, we all know that sometimes game development gets delays. When Rift had a Valentine's Day event, it seemed (rightly) that there was more in store in the works, and there is.

Rift will get a new patch sometime this month. The Hellbug CTA event was a bit of a preview of what's coming. There will also be more quests added for the Budgie CTA, reskinned mounts, and wings for those who want to dust off and add to their collections.

In addition, once things start moving, the season one Battlepass will be reset for everyone, so all players (even those who completed goals before) can participate and get rewards. They're also planning Carnival with games, masks, and even an 11th anniversary event.

While there were some rumors of layoffs at Gamigo,  what is confirmed is that the community manager Vilya from Rift is no longer on the team but Community Manager Anubis will be the one giving updates going forward. Like delays, shifts in staffing also happen, but with not one but several promised updates and events on the way, it looks like the team is busy making 2022 a comeback for the game.

With Rift’s status being questioned for a while now, since the last major update was back in 2017, this news might not be of an update that is ready to go today, but it is that more content, rewards, and events are coming. 

You can read the announcement over at Rift.


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