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Rift Brings Back Summerfest With Scavenger Hunts, Activities, Cute Pets, and More

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 Rift continues along with the return of Summerfest. The event returns to the game as part of a renewed effort to keep up updates and events for the game. The Summerfest update brings back the celebration of flames in Telara. 

If you haven't participated in Summerfest in Rift for a while, there will be several activities you can take on in order to earn rewards and loot. If you haven't done it already, you can start with Mitch the Artifact Attractor Minion questline. If you've already done these quests during any past Summerfest, they won't be available to you. But other activities like seasonal quests, scavenger hunts, breaking open some artifact piñatas, and Swarmlord Khargroth battles are now open.

During the event, you will also be able to rack up some achievements if you haven't already, things like the Exterminator achievement for killing 300 bugs,  or achievements for completing seasonal quests. Scavenger hunts will involve going to find items or completing certain activities. There are also trappable companions out there in Telara that you could catch during the event and keep. These Summerfest pets include a black bunny, a tabby cat, a white squirrel, or a Jewel Scarab. 

The event begins today and will run in two phases. The first part will end on July 12th and the second half will run from July 13th through July 26th. The shop that you can get some Summerfest loot from will be open until August 2nd. 

With the way Summerfest works, some activities and quests will only be available in part one  or part two, and others will be available across both parts of the entire event. It's up to you to figure out what is what, and set your sights on goals if you're looking for specific rewards.

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