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Rift Brings Back Carnival for its 12th Anniversary

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Rift is getting ready to celebrate its 12th anniversary, and the Carnival Festival 2023 is here just in time for that. 

So if you’re in the mood for celebration, all of the major cities have been decorated for the occasion. The event will run over the next four weeks, with resets on the weekly quests to maximize reward opportunities. Grab a Carnival Mask, get the weekly quest, “Clean House at the Carnival” and take your pick on where to start. In order to complete the weekly quest, you'll have to complete 50 carnival minigames. 

In addition to the weekly quest, there are daily quests. By completing event quests, you'll get loot bags, potentially some new mounts, and collect Carnival Prize Tickets. These tickets are part of the prize for completing Carnival games, and you can redeem them for prizes later.Weekly quest completion will also award Auroral Doubloons, which you can exchange at the Carnival shop for prizes that include a special event crate.

There are a number of repeatable minigames that you can use to work your way to weekly quest completion, including the Balloon Stomp. This minigame is popular because of how much easier it is to rack up the winds with a group. Detective is to jump on balloons, but everyone in your group will get credited with all of the balloons that everyone in the group sumps on, so it's faster to complete. 

You might engage in some Frog Wrangling or Farming Piñatas to keep adding to that total of 50 weekly minigames. The weekly quest is the same every week, so once you find what works, you can stick to that to max your rewards and even to group up for more fun.

There’s also a special login event that began yesterday, where any player–new or existing–will get 15 days of free Patron status, with all of its perks. Gamigo will offer this for those logging in through March 8th.

For more on Carnival, head over to Rift.



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