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Rift Battle Pass Season 3 Now Underway

30 levels of rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Rift Season 3 Battle Pass is live now. Here’s the scoop.

You’ll be able to progress through 30 levels, with four daily quests per day (plus two extra quests for patrons). These quests will be chosen at random. You’ll have three weekly quests per week, also chosen at random.

A quest re-roll feature will also be present. There will be 30 levels of rewards, including free rewards and premium rewards. Free rewards include:

  • new artifact set which unlock their own unique rewards
  • new dimensional items
  • individual reward charges
  • rune unsocketers
  • more premium service items.

Premium rewards include:

  • Battle Pass exclusive dimensional items, the "Waterlord" prefix title
  • new Emissary of the Deep Levitate mount
  • bonus credits and more

Check out the full post here for a complete list of all the rewards for each tier of Battle Pass. And good luck.


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