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Riders Republic is 'Not Abandoned' - Gives Community Update on What's to Come

Steven Weber Posted:
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It’s hard to really know what’s going on with Ubisoft right now, especially when they recently mentioned that they wouldn’t be opposed to an acquisition. However, the team behind Riders Republic wants players to know that the game is far from abandoned, and that they have some solid plans for the future.

In the latest community update for Riders Republic, Ubisoft Annecy lets players know that, not only has the team brought new features such as Showdown Mode to the game, but there are some exciting new features headed their way, included the BMX career mode, leaderboards and more. Right out of the gate, the developers want players to know that Riders Republic hasn’t been abandoned, which is generally not a particularly great sign for a game that expects hundreds of players to interact in in an expansive sports-themed world.

No, Riders Republic is not abandoned, far from it, and while this new season had a big focus on the new Showdown Mode, if you’re more about riding solo, new content tailored to you is also coming (like the Leaderboards, the BMX career, new weekly challenges and rewards, and more). It is the team’s vision for Riders Republic to be a social space with at its core the riding experience and player interactivity, with regularly added new content. 

The team is actively working on a lot of cool things, but also listening to your feedback and using it to improve the game. Some things take longer than others to change. We’ll strive to keep you updated on what to expect and when to expect it with every community update

-Ubisoft Annecy. Community Update

The team also wanted to clarify a few points related to upcoming content. Most notably they want players to know that they shouldn’t expect the BMX career, including the BMX gear, to release prior to Summer Break, which begins Mid-July. That means that players will still have a while to wait before they get to experience a new career mode. Luckily new features are still on the way before then, with a new Mass Race scheduled for June 15th.

Ubisoft also addressed community members that noted their user-created events were being deleted. In some cases, events were mass reported, which not only would lead to removal of the event but banning of the user. The team has since stated that bans will no longer happen for mass reported events, and that they have made changes to the auto-detection system that may have also caused deletions to occur when they shouldn’t have.

Finally, the team ended with a tease of the upcoming leaderboards, which will be based around time and score attack modes. You’ll also be able to join in on a ghost ride against the top leaders to hone your skills and get better on those particular courses. Riders Republic released back in October of 2021, and has promised several features as part of their Year One plan. Recently, the game was invaded by Rabbids in a limited-time collaboration event. Despite the collaboration and new update modes, the game has continued to lose popularity on Twitch, dropping nearly 1000 ranks on the global Twitch game ranking since its release. Hopefully the new modes call players back to the game, and Riders Republic can finish their Year One milestone plan on a high note.


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