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'Rhythmic Combat' Has Players Choose Stances & Skills for Battle

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The Bless Steam page has been updated with a new post that provides a brief look at "rhythmic combat". Players will choose two stances out of the six available alongside four general skills from each class's pool. These skill will synergize with the stance, using a skill and then using a combo to provide "extra effects". This allows players to customize their battle plan into more action-oriented combat.

Other notable takeaways from the latest developer blog include:

  • skill acquisition and leveling have been reworked from the ground up. Players will learn and level up skills. This is done through gems that can be acquired throughout the game
  • Party Buffs will be a thing and what buffs will be available will depend on the party size. Leaders will be able to choose one combat effect and one lifestyle (non-combat) effect.
  • Content Token Shop is where items can be purchased using in-game currency earned by playing. This currency can also be traded on the Lumena Exchange Center for premium currency to purchase cosmetic and / or convenience items
  • Lumena Shop is the convenience / cosmetics shop for real world cash

These are changes to the Steam version of the game that are markedly different than the Japanese and Korean version.

Read the full details on the Bless Steam page.

Via this MMORPG.com forum thread.


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