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MMORPG.com reviewer Sean Bulger writes this look at Lockpick Entertainment's Dreamlords, an MMORTS.

While most MMOs are RPGs, RPGs are not the only genre that can be MMOs. We've seen games in the past tackle other concepts, like the MMOFPS, PlanetSide, but one genre has proven to be elusive: the MMORTS. There have been only a small handful of games to try this and basically all of them have been smaller indie projects, and none of them have been successful. Dreamlords is another one of those smaller projects, but this one brings a number of interesting ideas to the playfield that, at least on paper, sound like they might be pretty interesting.

Dreamlords offers an interesting dual-interface, allowing you to interact with it from virtually anywhere. It also tries to create a somewhat-persistent world that allows players to expand their empires and wage battles against each other. It really does have some interesting ideas, however to say that they actually hold up would be far, far from the truth. While Dreamlords does what it claims to do, and on a limited level can be mildly entertaining, it simply isn't that much fun a game.

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