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Revelation Online's Skyfeather Trials Not Working for EU

NA, be sure to report any issues you find.

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent post on the official Discord has shared details on Revelation Online’s Skyfeather Trials not working as intended on EU.

The post notes,

“Skyfeather Trials sadly did not function on EU as intended, we have corrected this issue and it will function as normal next week, NA players please also report to us if it does or does not work for you.”

The team advises against using the Battle Companion Storage feature as well,

“Regarding the Battle Companion Storage: Please refrain from using this feature until further notice, we are investigating this. Please refrain from filing support tickets unless we ask you to. The current status is: Don't file them, provide a mod with your MY.GAMES ID.”

Localization issues are currently being corrected, with these corrections set to be patched in. Regarding Interface issues, like the Auction House, these will be fixed on Monday. Class Rep and Cultivation points on certain classes are also being investigated.

Additionally, if you did not receive your Sky Scroll in the mail, go here. You can claim a scroll for up to six of your characters.


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