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Revelation Online's Battle for Voras Suffering Issues

Team investigating, plus compensation

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If the Discord message is anything to go by, it looks like Revelation Online’s Battle for Voras is encountering some issues.

The issue, it seems, occurred over the weekend. The team apparently did not encounter these issues under tests,

“Over the weekend, Battle for Voras did not function as we expected. We didn't encounter these issues during tests. We're currently investigating and troubleshooting the issue with the assistance of NetEase. We will provide an update article on Thursday with our results.”

Voras, however, won’t close. Instead, the team will investigate any fixes while their IT team addresses any lag you might encounter in those areas. A compensation package is hitting today as well containing the following:

  • Calendula Coins
  • Card Upgrade Items
  • PvE Cards (Purple Tier)
  • PvP Cards (Purple Tier)

“If we do not reach a speedy resolution this week to our issues, we will continue to issue Calendula Coins to players every week until the issue is resolved.

This is all the information I have from our Production Team at the moment. I will ensure you have all available information in that article on Thursday.”


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