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Revelation Online Share Book of Enchantments System

Achievements and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Revelation Online has shared details on the Book of Enchantments system as part of Skyward World.

This is a new progression system involving collecting fragments to eventually rebuild Voras. These enchantments are either Guardian (PvE) and Imperial Society (PvP),

“In this new progression system, players improve themselves by illuminating blueprints, tiering up and equipping enchantments into trinities to obtain bonus effects and purifying enchantments for randomised bonus effects!”

Of course, there are achievements involved which you earn upon meeting the requirements. There are three different types of Enchantment qualities: Mob, Elite, and Leader. You’ll have to fill the enchantment energy using enchantment glyphs or the correct enchantment fragment:

  • Mob-grade Enchantment Fragments are worth 15 Energy.
  • Elite-grade Enchantment Fragments are worth 100 Energy.
  • Leader-grade Enchantment Fragments are worth 600 Energy.

You can learn more about these enchantments and where to find them here.


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