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Revelation Online Reveals Weekly Monday Event, Skyward World: Skyfeather Trials

Two modes to fight and earn rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Revelation Online has shared details about Skyward World: Skyfeather Trials, a recurring weekly event.

The event will run every Monday and held in Eltmere Ravine. You’ll face the dragoon, Carsera Lau, in various trials. You’ll earn points depending on your performance. Keep in mind, the event opens at 19:55 server time with the trials starting at 20:00 server time every Monday.

Here are the requirements you’ll need to meet in order to participate:

  • Be a Member of a Guild
  • Be level 55 or above.
  • Have a Battle Companion.

To participate, go to the Road of Greatness and select the Skyfeather Trials when prompted. There are two modes to the event: Challenge Carsera, and Ransack Rivals.

For the challenge, Carsera will have three stages with each stage determining how many points you can earn. Rivals involves you fighting against other players with your Battle Companion.

Guild rewards are also on hand during the event, including guild auction being awarded to guilds in the top 30 ranks in the event. Your guild must have 10 members who participate.

Personal rewards are also on hand, including:

  • Treasure Chests which contain a large amount of Guild Fealty and Battle Companion items.
  • Army Coins.
  • A chance to obtain Divinity Shards.
  • Top players in this ranking also have an additional chance to obtain Ren Companion Scroll IV as well as rare tradable single-winged wings (Blazing Skies - Left Wing and Blazing Skies - Right Wing).


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