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Revelation Online Provides Update on Swordmage's Celestial Aura and Disappearing Items

Don't use the disappearing items

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a recent post in Discord, the Revelation Online team provided an update on Swordmage’s Celestial Aura and disappearing items.

The team conducted further investigation and contacted NetEase and shared the following regarding Swordmage Clestial Aura,

“In Heaven and Earth, this skill cost 1 point per level, to level up. This was incorrect. We didn't notice the change made, therefore it was not added to the patch notes. The changes that happened to the skill's cost are correct as of the Skyward World update. We will update the patch notes to reflect this and we apologise for any confusion caused. As linked above, if you haven't already claimed them, there are 2 free Willow Oils on the MY.GAMES Market.”

Regarding the disappearing items for Battle Companion and Cross-Server, the team recommends against using these items,

“Once again I'd like to remind you to not use these features for the time being. We have extensively investigated this issue today, made some interesting discoveries surrounding it and we will update you when we have a fix available, which we are currently working on with NetEase.”


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