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Revelation Online Provides Update on Battle for Voras Issues

Fix incoming August 3

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Remember the Battle for Voras issues we reported on plaguing Revelation Online? Well, it looks like those issues have persisted as per a new update from the team.

The update, provided in Discord, states that NetEase has been informed of the issues and that they have received a potential fix arriving on August 3,

“This fix will be run on Monday, August 3rd and the next part will be ran on August 10th, and it attempts to reset the schedule for Battle for Voras which contained data from when the activity was not fully active once all 12 Zodiacs were defeated. Due to the nature of not being able to reproduce these issues on our test servers, this will be seen as a live test, we cannot guarantee that the outcome of this fix will be successful but we have high hopes that these changes will ease the issues we are encountering with this content.”

The team makes it clear that the Voting stage will need to occur again. To that end, you might want to stay in touch with the Discord moderators if there are any additional issues. They also outlined the compensation for players,

“Until we are happy with the state of the Battle for Voras content, we will leave the weekly free 50,000 Calendula Coin pack on the MY.GAMES Market for you to redeem. We will notify players once we are happy with the progress this content is making and inform you of when the pack will be removed.”


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