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Revelation Online Posts Status Update on Battle for Voras

More Cross-Server Features Coming Soon!

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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Revelation Online has given a status update as to the progress for Battle for Voras, following last week's announcement that it was not functioning, as well as some news on upcoming Cross-Server features.

Shared in a community update on the Revelation Online website, several updates have been made to the Imperial War: Battle for Voras cross-server mode. NPCs are now populating, the curiosity quest can now be completed, and most of the events are now functioning as intended. They hope to announce a release date within the next couple of weeks.

They also posted an update to both the Cross-Server Auction House and Guild Tournament features. Testing continues on the Auction House, and they are "much closer to bringing it to you." The Guild Tournament on the other hand has only just begun testing, following an issue that prevented the mode from even starting. Unfortunately, no timeframe was given for either one of these cross-server features.

For more, you can read the post in full via the link above and also get caught up in why they delayed the 'Battle for Voras' mode last week. in other Revelation Online news, check out the patch from earlier this month that helps you exchange scrap items for new items..


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