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Revelation Online Outlines Server vs Server Battles

Several events at certain times

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The Revelation Online team has outlined additional events in the ongoing Battle for Voras, featuring a bunch of daily and weekly events.

First up, you’ll have to be level 69 or higher. The first event is call Forage, in which you’ll send forth your battle companion to collect resources for the war effort. You’ll need the premium service for this event, however. Your target is 2000 daily resources. If you get 3000 or higher daily, you’ll get more rewards.

Battle fo the Ore Points runs every day from 12p through 6:30p. head to the Aerial Port to begin. There will be three resource points. Kill the guard defending the resource point for your server. Transport runs every Thursday from 20:30 to 21:00. If you’re a guild leader or vice guild leader, you can start this escort mission. Escort the ship to smelt at the territory smith and gain points.

Lord of Spirits runs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 22:00. Defeat the spirit for rewards, with the top three DPS guilds receiving guild auction rewards. Empyrean Exorcism runs Wednesdays at 20:30. This one comprises of several stages so plan accordingly.

Finally, Fealty Fight is every Sunday at 8:30. This seems more like a straight up fight, with the last warrior standing winning.


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