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Revelation Online Outlines Cross Server Features

Also Imperial War: Battle for Voras

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Cross-server features were part of the latest Revelation Online community update.

It looks like the cross-server auction house is now complete and functional. The team will deploy during their next scheduled maintenance on July 6. Look for a feature article from the team covering more on the topic.

Additionally, the team is looking to completely divert their focus to cross-server guild league. This means that previous issues which hindered progress on this front were resolved. Therefore, the team is working on polish and testing. No date was provided for the release of this feature, however.

Also mentioned was Imperial War: Battle for Voras. It looks like feature testing is done with the team now performing any remaining final testing. They intend to launch this feature sometime July, though again, no date was provided. This feature will actually release instead of the previously scheduled live test.

You can check out the rest of the community update in full over on the announcement page here.


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