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Revelation Online is headed for Demonic War in October

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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October is already regarded as the spooky month by those feeling festive, but Revelation Online will be upping its stakes with a Demonic War update in October, which adds a new raid, new bosses, a capture the flag mode, and more.

The City of the Demon Gods is seeing its monsters awaken, so of course it's up to you and your allies to fight back. The new raid is one of the central parts of the update, and it is for up to 10 players at level 69 and above. Four monstrous bosses stand between you and defeating the Demon Emperor Relius. Win and you'll get rewards that include gold equipment, enchantment items, cosmetics, and more.

Another raid, this one for level 59 and above and for up to 30 players at a time, is the Elemental Guild Raid.This dungeon is centered around the Warden's dark side negative emotions, as reflected in the five elemental bosses. Red Warden's Fury means a Skyfire Demon. Green Warden's Lament, an Ancient Forest Guardian. Mineva's Trepidation, a Howling Wind Spirit. Black Warden's Resentment, a Twisted Water Serpent. and Relius's Duplicity means an Ancient Mountain Spirit. This fight is for wider glory, as it seems only the first five teams to complete these challenges will get rewards and titles.

There's also a new PvP mode in the game with this update. Capture the flag comes to Revelation Online with a cross-server classic. Find your team and battle for supremacy. 

On the cosmetics front, there are 10 outfit sets that also have skill effects, though information on how these will all work isn't known just yet. Revelation Online's Demonic War update doesn't have a date just yet, but you can find out more on the official announcement .


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