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Revelation Online Adds 3 New Battle Companions

Each with talents and abilities

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Three new battle companions are coming to Revelation Online.

The Battle Companion system is getting expanded with the addition of three new companions: Sky, Yue Zhang, and Aniya.

Each companion comes with their own abilities and talents. For example, Sky actually has five separate stages to advancement. Each stage will require Intimacy in addition to Mineva’s Feathers. Each advancement in stage will result in a random talent, and more.

Yue Zhang, on the other hand, has an ability called Moondrop,

“Special Property: Walk aside the cold river, and gaze upon the moon. Every 3 times Vital Blow is triggered, Yue Zhang gets Moondrop status: Increases X's Magic Attack and Xs's Vital Blow damage while allowing her normal attacks to leech and convert 1% of target's Mana (or Battle Companion Energy) to her own Energy based on ratio. Moondrop status lasts 16 seconds.”

You can learn all about the specific talents and abilities of all three companions here.


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