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Revelation Expands with New Sulan That Rebuilds the Main Quest Location

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NetEase and My.com have announced that Revelation Online has grown with a new free expansion called New Sulan. According the press information, New Sulan is one of the game's largest upgrades that completely overhauls the main quest location. There are new dungeon bosses to defeat, new class mounts, additional housing options, retooled and new quests and much more. 

Other components of New Sulan include:

Class Choices Changed: The Vanguard, Occultist and Spiritshaper received the most attention in the class rebalancing in New Sulan, with numerous changes to their abilities and statistics. The flexibility to class choice increases at the same time for characters up to level 49, since the expansion adds three free changes to complement the existing options. Additionally, new female model choices are available for the Assassin, Blademaster and Gunslinger classes in the character creator and new fantastic looking mounts are available for each class.

Expanded Guild Features: To improve social stability of guilds, guild leaders are now automatically changed over if they are inactive for over two weeks. In the guild areas, new Guild Cultivations are available (Crit Defense, Defense Break Resist, Crit Increment and Crit Reduction) all of which can be cultivated 200 times. Lastly, the Tower of Loyalty can be interacted with by the guild leader daily to provide the entire guild with a buff.

Learn more on the Revelation Online site.


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