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Returning to the Multiplayer Underworld

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It appears that a team is making promising headway on a revival of the multiplayer aspect of Hellgate. Since the revelation that such a project was underway earlier this year, the team has made such significant progress to being the multiplayer aspect to life that the first in a series of developer diaries has been published.

We currently have 4-5 developers actively working on this project; myself, MMan, and MarCNeT being the principal developers at this point. Things are still at a very tentative stage where bugs are both discovered and squashed daily (sometimes hourly). See below for a rough list of what works and what doesn't: What Works

  • Logging in
  • Character Creation
  • Multiple Players
  • Combat
  • Monsters/Bosses
  • Quests/NPCs/Merchants
  • Treasure, including items with effects
  • Mail system, including attachments/money
  • Stash/shared stash
  • Party System*
  • Portals Between Dungeons/Stations/Station Terminal*
  • PvP Arena*
  • Chat System
  • Augmentrix, nano forge, etc

Hellgate: London was developed by Flagship Studios and taken over by T3Fun after Flagship's demise.

Read the full post on the Hellgate site.

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