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Return to The Tower of Nightmares in Episode 4 of Living World Season 1 for Guild Wars 2

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Guild Wars 2’s latest update brings episode 4 of Living World Season 1, Tower of Nightmares, back starting today, while the rest of the update fixes several issues.

ArenaNet also released a new trailer for Tower of Nightmares’ return, The episode returns, as prior ones did, as a single contained experience. You'll have to climb the tower to help solve the mystery of why poison is spreading across the land and figure out the answer to the question of just how does one stop Scarlet Briar?

As with the first three episode releases, there are new achievements to earn this time, along with some new gear, like the Antitoxin Gloves. There’s also a new sidearm called Lucid Dreamer’s Dagger that you can get. This weapon is inspired by Kasmeer Meade. 

If you participated in the original event, your original achievements will retain their completion status. All of the original achievements will be able to be completed now,  although some of them may have new goals or slight changes to accommodate the format of this new episode. 

When it comes to the new achievements, you'll be able to earn the original Tower of Nightmares achievements, along with new ones. You’ll also have the chance to start working on the new Tower of Nightmares meta-achievement for additional rewards. 

Since the Tower of Nightmares will now be permanently accessible via Kessel Hills, the art for the area has been adjusted. With the return of the content, you’ll be able to ascend the tower in a private or public version of the encounter for your shot at rewards. 

The rest of the update is concerned with fixes, addressing several crash issues that were coming with DirectX 11, some bugged achievements, and fixes to several professional skills. ANet also addresses an exploitable issue affecting the Harvest Temple Strike Mission.

Read the full patch notes over at Guild Wars 2.


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