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Return to The Dark Heart of Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Online's Next Event

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The Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s time again to battle, complete quests, and explore for loot and event tickets, especially if you want a chance at a fragment for the year’s Morphing Collectible.

If it has been a while since you have been questing and adventuring deep in Western Skyrim, here’s the event that might entice you back. The Dark Heart of Skyrim event will begin on November 17th at 10 a.m. eastern, and will run through November 29th. As in other recurring ESO events, you'll be able to collect event rewards and event tickets to trade with the Impresario.

There will be a free intro quest available to everyone in the Crown Store next Thursday, called “Bloody Reunion”. Start it by speaking to Mel Adrys, near Karthwatch, or find the Impresario to begin. Complete the daily quest in Western Skyrim or in The Reach, and a weekly quest, and you can walk away with boxes that have a chance to drop Skyrim treasures in green, blue, or purple quality or Skyrim Overland set items in blue or purple quality. 

Several characters, one accompanied by a wolf, are shown battling werewolves in the zone of Skyrim

There’s also a chance to get a Skyrim crafting style item or a Skyrim crafting motif style page, each in specific styles like Greymoor, Nighthollow, or Wayward Guardian. You also have a shot at Western Skyrim or The Reach treasure maps, and the new Saarthal Scholar armor style page or a returning Sovngarde Stalwart armor style page.

You can also get rewards by completing activities like defeating monsters in the area, beating the bosses from Harrowstorm and Stonethorn DLC dungeons, and more. Ultimately, this is a shot to get some loot and even new styles by getting into those zones and doing whatever you love best in ESO.As another incentive, there will be a bonus loot from all kinds of activities, like world events, Delve bosses, crafting resource nodes, and some dungeons.

For full details on bonuses and rewards, see the announcement at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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