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Retraction: Gina Bruno Social Media Accounts Hacked

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Earlier today, we posted a story allegedly from ESO's Gina Bruno indicating that she was resigning from the company due to an assault. It came to our attention after the story was published that Gina's social media accounts were hacked. We appreciate both Gina and our own community for pointing out the forum post on the Elder Scrolls Online site clarifying that this was indeed a hacked post on Twitter.

Hi everyone, thank you for the concern. I just want to say this is not true. My personal account was compromised tonight. I'm working with Twitter to regain ownership, but in the meantime, anything being posted in the past hour or so is not me.

"Gina", or more accurately the hacker, contacted Bill Murphy via DM on Twitter. At the time, we erroneously assumed that the information was legit. We had no reason to believe otherwise. We posted it after several exchanged messages between the two, hence the printing of the story.

Our apologies to all.


Suzie Ford

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