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Retooled Savage Rifts Will 'Spice Up the Exciting Co-Op Experience'

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Black Desert Online has been updated today with the newley reworked Savage Rift horde mode "that promises to spice up the exciting co-op experience in the game". Notably, players will find that the number of monster spawns has been reduced to provide players with a swift, but satisfying 20 minutes of gameplay action. Siege weapon cooldown times have been reduced 50% to make it faster and more powerful to shoot "powerful weapons".

To celebrate, a special event will take place between the 15th and the 29th of August that can rewardplayers very nice in-game rewards. During the event period, a hidden 26th stage can follow after a successfully cleared 25th wave. The chance of this happening is 50% and in this stage a new boss,named the Savage Ogre will appear that drops a Savage Rift reward Box upon defeat. This box will include a Soiled Ogre Ring, Trace of Savagery and more.

In addition, players will be able to gain combat and skill experience while "engaging in AFK activities:

To activate the Black Spirit’s Training, players will need to acquire a Book of Training from NPC Jamey Drucker who resides in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova and Valencia City. Upon activating the Book of Training players can practice against one of the scarecrows in each town to start gaining experience. Players who are looking for additional combat EXP will be pleased to know that the earned combat EXP can be stacked with other buffs such as Fever Time and event EXP buffs, Pet skills, Book of Combat, Golden Bells, Olvia Server buffs, and Elixirs making AFK leveling much more efficient.

Learn more on the Black Desert Online site.


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