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Report: Wargaming is Developing a Free to Play Multiplayer FPS

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Looks like Wargaming may be well into development on a free to play multiplayer FPS title, Shatterline, according to a new report. 

Wargaming, which is a company that knows PvP, large scale combat, and running global games looks to have Shatterline in alpha, according to a new report from Gaming Intel. The game is an 8v8 first-person multiplayer title with familiar modes like deathmatch, domination, and will be fully cross-platform. The game is also allegedly built on the same engine as Amazon’s New World, named the Lumberyard Engine. 

The free to play title will also have a roster of characters in a cartoonish art style, supported by cosmetics and other items in the shop. With many games that offer lots of colorful characters, there's reportedly lore, some story, cinematics, and more. The shop will feature a ton of customization, skins, various weapon customization options, and specialties like camo. Weapon customization is said to run deep, with elements like picking several attachments for your rifle, or significant bonuses from camos. 

The report also detailed several modes. Escort mode will run like Payload in Overwatch. two co-op game modes, one called Blitz and the other, Expedition. Blitz is as fast-paced as it sounds, happening within shorter, timed rounds, and is more of a co-op campaign mode. Expedition will flip things upside down a bit and be non-linear. Choices will matter, as you'll be dropped down on a map with your choice of a weapon or a special ability. Work together to complete objectives and fight your way to victory. This will involve some degree of exploration and again, choice.

The report is just rumor for now, though the information cited does seem to paint the picture of a game far enough into development and having a solid foundation. The modes and some of the details do sound reminiscent of stuff we’ve seen from World of Warships and World of Tanks, so stay tuned to see if there’s a confirmation soon.


Christina Gonzalez