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Report: Skull & Bones Could Be Out As Early As Fall 2022, New Leaked Footage Shows Combat, Social Hub

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In new leaked footage of Ubisoft's long-maligned pirating sim, Skull & Bones, players eagerly awaiting anything on this game were treated to some combat, exploration and more. Additionally, Kotaku is reporting that, according to sources, we could be seeing the game ship as early as Fall 2022.

Skull & Bones has been in what many would describe as "development hell" since it was first revealed back at E3 2017. Since then, multiple delays, as well as reports of a "lack of direction," among other things. 

Recently, though, the game has seen some signs of life, with a new alpha stage last year and the creation of an Insider Program that has seen some players check it out early to provide feedback to the developers.

It looks like some of that footage has leaked, via Reddit, though it was quickly pulled down. Before that, though, eager viewers were able to get a glimpse into what Skull & Bones looks like so many years after the last time we've seen any footage.

It seems this footage centered around a gameplay social hub called Sainte-Anne, which sees players able to sell and craft items, get quests, and form parties of pirates to take on the high seas. From there, players will be able to board their ship and take on others, as well as make attacks on forts, NPC and player ships, and even world events such as merchant fleets. 

The video itself stresses that Skull & Bones is still multiplayer-focused, though players can tackle these quests solo should they choose.

The footage itself was quickly pulled, but Ubisoft has directly addressed it, confirming that it was a leak from a current build of Skull & Bones, but not representative of the final game. 

Via a statement to Kotaku

"We confirm this is a glimpse of our upcoming game Skull and Bones. Recently, we ran a technical test for the game and some of its details became public. This video footage was taken from an early version of the game and doesn’t reflect the quality and features of the final game. We’ll share more details about the game soon."

Kotaku is also reporting that according to their sources, we could see Skull & Bones finally release this year, as early as Fall 2022. According to the sources, Kotaku reports that it was initially planned to release this spring, but has been pushed back twice: once to the summer, and then on to September.


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