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Report: Gamigo Hit With Layoffs Impacting RIFT, Trove And More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It seems that MMO publisher Gamigo has been hit with layoffs affecting multiple teams at the publisher, notably the oft-forgotten MMO, RIFT.

As first reported by MassivelyOP, the MMO publisher seems to have been hit with layoffs across many of their games, notably TroveRIFT, Desert Ops, and more. The speculation around the possibility of more layoffs started when the RIFT community manager, Vilya, announced she was no longer working for the company on the official RIFT Discord channel.

"It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I am [no] longer with gamigo. It has been a great pleasure getting to know you all," Vilya wrote on the official RIFT Discord.

Citing their sources Massively is reporting that it's not simply Vilya who has been let go, but several employees across many teams. However, it seems the team at Fractured Online has remained unscathed, though the fact that the team is asking for unpaid volunteers to GM its upcoming MMO is not necessarily the best look.

This doesn't help the speculation that RIFT has been seemingly forgotten by Gamigo, as the 11th birthday of the MMO has come and gone this past month without even a mention from the publisher. While an investor report last year noted that the MMO would be receiving an update for players in Quarter 1 2022, that hasn't seemingly come to fruition just yet, with the only real update being a small event in February. 

We reached out to Gamigo this morning for comment on the layoffs themselves, the scope of the layoffs, the teams affected, and what this means for each game moving forward. We also reached out about the seemingly forgotten update to RIFT and what the status was on that front. We will update this post with any response Gamigo provides.


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