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Report: Crowfall Team Seeing Layoffs

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Over the weekend, there were reports coming in that ArtCraft has laid off some of the Crowfall team. While there hasn't been an official announcement, Val Massey, who spent five years in community management for Crowfall, tweeted "Gutted and gobsmacked to hear about the @ArtCraftEnt layoffs today. " The number of affected team members is unknown.

Following this, community members who searched around found at least several other former Crowfall team members who had moved to other projects, as well as lower staffing numbers from sources like LinkedIn. Of course, not every staff member has to list affiliations, but it is potentially further evidence of downsizing.

In the development cycle, layoffs post-release aren't unusual, but Crowfall's release came with some struggles. Officially announced in 2105 and successfully funded on Kickstarter, its path to eventual release wasn't the usual, but made it out of the gate at its July 6th, 2021 launch. Though after those years in development, some would still argue it was too soon. Since launch, there have been issues with population, marketing, and even gameplay and missing features, which make it difficult to sustain a base at many times of the day. If your game is centered around PVP sieges, one of your most important requirements is to have consistent player numbers, of course. 

There have been improvements and promises of more to come, and the team is still promoting the game. There is a refer a buddy program that has been extended through the end of the month and bundle offerings to try and get more folks into the action. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all is necessarily well, but it doesn’t mean you should count it out either. For more info on the referral program or bundles, you can find more info on the official site.

We’ll update with any official comment we receive from the Crowfall team in response to these reports.


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