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Replication is Valorant's New Limited Time Mode

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Riot’s first person competitive tactical shooter, Valorant, has received a new limited time mode called Replicant. Here’s what you can expect during the two week run for this event.

As Riot notes, the rules of Replicant are as follows. This is a best-of-nine Spike mode with 80 second rounds, with a 45 second pistol round, and 30 second subsequent rounds. Additionally, everyone on the same team will play as the same agent. This means that your match would look like five Phoenixes (Phoenii?) against five Reynas. All agent selection will be decided pre-match via voting.

Abilities, apart from ults, will be refreshed each round. You’ll gain +1 ult point per round when the round begins, with the exception of Overtime rounds. Credits are also distributed as follows, with credits doled out each round regardless of win/loss:

  • 900
  • 2400
  • 3900
  • 6000

Your weapon and shield are reset each round. If you’re flashed twice within four seconds, you’ll receive the FLASHGUARD buff. This means you cannot be blinded for the five second duration of the buff. As for XP, it follows the XP distribution for Unrated. This means 100 XP per round played, and an additional 200 XP per round won.

Replication will be available in Valorant through May 25. Riot notes they’ll provide an update on additional modes for the game. So be sure to check it out and provide Riot with your thoughts on the mode. In case you missed it, smurfing is a big problem in Valorant. Riot provided a response here.


Poorna Shankar