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Replay Mode to Add Recording & Broadcasting Features

Catherine Daro Posted:
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Super Evil Megacorp has announced that Replay Mode will be forthcoming in the next major update to Vainglory. Replay Mode will bring enhanced recording and broadcasting features to the MOBA and will allow players to pan, zoom and slow the action using clips recorded during live play.

The replay offers a timeline that will automatically highlight when turrets were destroyed, when the Gold Miner was taken, when the Kraken was captured and when the Vain Crystal was destroyed. You can skip ahead or rewind using the scrub bar on the timeline at your discretion. You can also shift the camera away from your own hero to any place on the map you want. Curious how that enemy Taka reached level 6 so quickly? Watch his path through the jungle and learn! The opportunities to improve from previous matches — both from your allies’ and opponents’ perspectives — is something with infinite potential.

Read more of the details on the Vainglory site.


Catherine Daro